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Introduction to Multiplication for Kids

Mathematics is a tricky subject. When taught well, it can easily become a child's favorite subject. However, it also has a tendency of becoming a child's worst nightmare if concepts stay unclear! Maths teachers have to be very patient as every child is different. Some children are comfortable around numbers. You will see them counting objects even as toddlers. It is the perfect time when you can introduce them to concepts like addition and subtraction. Adding things and finding their sum is a critical skill as it forms the basis of another essential skill called multiplication. Multiplication is basically repeated addition: adding the same number again and again. You have to slowly and steadily, with loads of patience, associate the concept of repeated addition to multiplication. This is why multiplication shouldn't be taught until children are very, very comfortable with addition. If you see your child struggling with addition, take a break and Some people start teaching m

Mysteries of the World for Kids

If you are a parent or a teacher, you must have noticed that today's children are very, very curious. They want to try out new things all the time. If I think back to my childhood, I didn't have access to this much information through the Internet and the available toys were also very limited. Nowadays, there are more sources of enjoyment for kids of all ages due to the advancements in technology. However, there are pros and cons of modern technological advancements. On one hand, children have a lot of things to do. They can play with more entertaining toys or watch fascinating videos but on the other hand, it is also increasingly becoming more and more difficult to keep their interest involved in learning critical skills such as mathematics and reading comprehension.  All this made me think of going beyond my mobile apps and publishing unique and interesting content for children so that they start taking interest in school-related work. If you peruse my website, you will see

Geography Flashcards for Kids

Our world, the planet Earth, is beautiful and unique. If we look at the pictures of other planets, we will see that no other planet has such a vibrant combination of blues and greens like our beloved Earth. Earth is the only planet in our knowledge that can sustain life. In fact, Earth is brimming with life. From intricately shaped flowers to fascinating insects, from sea dragons to echolocating bats: Earth is a marvel. Besides the animals and plants, the landscape of Earth is a sight to behold. From towering mountains to deep trenches in the sea, from sheer cliffs to vibrantly green valleys: Earth is beautiful! Let's learn about the landscape of planet Earth today. I have created these cute two-way flashcards for your children. They can be used by Preschool to Grade 3 aged children. Every card has a picture and name on one side and a description on the other side. How to Use: Cut out an A4 size cardboard paper or you can even recycle an empty cereal box. Cut in the middle lengthwi