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Preschool Worksheets for Patterns

3-4 years old children are vocal and curious about the world around them. They can recognize colors and notice differences in the shapes of different objects. It is the best time to further sharpen their brain development by giving them challenging worksheets and working on developing their critical thinking. This is Part 4 of my Preschool worksheets for teaching such critical thinking to children. It focuses on patterns of shapes and pictures. These worksheets are meant to sharpen children's critical thinking by making them think in patterns. They have to complete patterns, match similar pictures, and find odd pictures out.  It is very easy to use these worksheets. Print them out on an A4 size paper and give them to your child with a crayon or a pencil. These worksheets can also be done verbally by speaking if the child doesn't have a good pencil/crayon grip. I recommend that you first start with the previous parts of the Preschool worksheets as all of these worksheets are in

Animal World for Kids

Earth is home to many kinds of animals. Children are always fascinated by animals. They want to keep rabbits, birds, or turtles as pets. They are always excited to see movies about dogs, wolves, and even lions. When a child is introduced to the subject of Science, an introduction to the Animal World is a must.  I have designed this easy to understand booklet with information about animals along with corresponding worksheets. I haven't introduced all the animal groups because I didn't want to make it too complicated. Science should be introduced in bite-size portions as a child's mind can be overwhelmed with too much information.  I hope that you like this booklet on the Animal World. I believe that your children will enjoy learning about animals in a fun way. Just print out the PDF file on A4 size paper. The booklet can be used by both kindergarten and Grade 1-2 aged children. Kindergarten aged children can do it orally 😊 Download PDF Please like my Facebook page and Insta

Preschool Worksheets for Maths Concepts

This is the third edition of my preschool worksheets that teach critical skills needed for brain development. They are essential for logical thinking so I call these worksheets logic games   😉 These worksheets introduce essential maths concepts such as weight, volume, size, height, length, and quantity in such a way that can be easily grasped by a 3.5-5 yrs old child. If your child doesn't have a pencil grip yet, no worries: do it with a thick crayon. If they are not ready for crayons, don't pressurize; do these worksheets verbally. These worksheets are colorful and fun so I am hoping that the children will be quite cooperative doing them 😉.  Also, you can download my  Countville App  for your children for very entertaining number recognition and counting practice.   Download PDF Part 1 of logic games Part 2 of logic games Please like my Facebook page and Instagram page for more educational resources and tips. Facebook: Instagram: htt