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Multiplication for Kids (Tables 3 and 4)

Hello...I am back with the second part of my multiplication worksheets. Children have difficulty in understanding the concept of multiplication and it is unfair to force them to memorize something that they don't understand. I took special care in my introduction to multiplication worksheets to explain the concept of multiplication to children. I am hoping that you used those worksheets and that your children or students understood the concept of multiplication. In this second part, I am again starting with groups so that some revision is also done and I am focusing on tables of 3 and 4. Last time, I used dinosaur  🦖  helpers to ignite the interest of young kids in multiplication (who doesn't like dinosaurs 😄), and now, to honor the arrival of Spring  🌷   in the Northern Hemisphere, I have invited some Spring insects  🐞  to help your children while they practice the tables of 3 and 4. I hope you like these worksheets. If you haven't used the first part of my multiplicat

Phonics Flash Cards

Gone are the days of A for apple, B for Ball...this is the time of synthetic phonics where each alphabet has a sound. Now, you don't teach children the name of the letter but the sound made by the letter. A has the sound that comes when we say the word apple, b has the sound that comes when we say bed, and so on and so forth. There are different systems of synthetic phonics but I have felt that Jolly Phonics is the best system. In fact, I made my first mobile app for my son based on the Jolly Phonics style of teaching. However, I know that many people want to limit screen exposure for their children so I decided to make these flashcards. You can use these flashcards independently or you can use them along with my app called Phonics Fun , available on Google Play Store. You can hear the sounds from my app. Practice using these flashcards and then, test learning using my app too...a win-win situation :) These cards are double-sided. I have told you in my previous articles too about h

Mental Math - adding and subtracting 1-digit numbers

Besides Computer Programming/Coding, the subject of Mathematics has been very close to my heart. A strong foundation of math is essential in almost all fields of study. Besides having a clear knowledge of math concepts, another aspect of mathematics that is usually ignored is doing math in your brain.  We often see videos of people doing math sums lightning fast in their brains. They are nicknamed human calculators and people are just awed by their intelligence. I believe that most of these people have trained their brains to answer math questions. They use tricks and techniques to answer questions super-fast. This requires patience and training. A person cannot become excellent in something from the very first day. Yes, I know that there are true prodigies in this world. but what I am trying to explain is that doing math in your brain is not Rocket Science!  It shouldn't be considered impossible to achieve if we start training our brain now. Moreover, when children are younger, th

Building Types Flashcards

As you must have learned by now if you are a regular visitor of my website or my FaceBook page that I am a passionate believer in the power of flashcards. Give a colorful picture on one side of a card and some information on the other side and this is enough to grab a child's attention. Flashcards are small so they give an impression of a game instead of studies and children can relate to them more and enjoy their learning process. Also, bite-size information is easily digested by small minds. So, after the success of my Geography Flashcards , I thought about doing the same thing for building types. Actually, I had thought about building types even before doing the landforms flash cards. I was thinking of doing reading comprehension worksheets with them. But after I saw how successfully the Geography flashcards were received by my FB page followers, I decided to forgo proper reading comprehension worksheets and decided to do flashcards instead. Flashcards are perfect for this task