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Natural Disasters for Kids

It is so difficult to find good reading material for children nowadays. If it is too simple, it may bore the children. If it is on a complicated topic, then the children may find it a difficult read. If you have been following my website and my Facebook page, you would know that reading comprehension is a subject close to my heart. I like flashcards too but the space is limited in a flashcard and it is a struggle to explain all the important points of a subject in just a teeny weeny flashcard 😀. This doesn't mean that I don't believe in the power of flashcards. They are an excellent way of building vocabulary as a picture is better than a thousand words! Having said that, flashcards limit the quantity of information.  So, I started looking for another interesting topic for reading for the students and children of my dear followers. I didn't have to look far when I saw my 7 yrs old son drawing a meteor  ☄️️ . Unfortunately, he didn't color it. He is more into drawing wi