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Mental Math - adding and subtracting two-digit numbers

Aren't you impressed when you see people quickly doing math in their brains? Now, you and your children can also be among that group of genius people. It just requires some tricks and practice. I am teaching these tricks on my YouTube channel and you can also download my 100% FREE Mental Math app for learning about these tricks and practicing them with and without a timer. Isn't this amazing?  I have also started making worksheets so that you can do more practice especially if you want to limit your children's exposure to screen. I have already published part 1 of these worksheets that focused on adding and subtracting one-digit numbers.  Those worksheets were for  Class #1  and  Class #2  of my Mental Math tutorials.  This is part 2 of my Mental Math worksheets. These focus on adding and subtracting single-digit numbers from two-digit numbers. As you can see that I am slowly but steadily advancing towards more complicated concepts of mental math. Be patient and don't

Plant World for Kids

🌺 Spring is here! Seeds are sprouting 🌱. Flowers are blooming. So, how about we teach our children about plants. Plants are essential for our planet Earth 🌍 so children should learn about them. I have created these easy-to-read infographics about plants along with a couple of worksheets. I hope your children or students enjoy reading the information and attempting the worksheets as much as I liked creating them 🌼. Please make sure that your printer's settings are set to scale to fit so that all the cute graphics and information are not lost in the printing. The download link is given below: Look at what is inside the PDF: Download PDF Please like my Facebook page and Instagram page for more educational resources. Facebook: Instagram: For links to free educational apps , have a look at the educational apps page For educational videos on phonics, coding, and mental maths, subscribe to my YouTube