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Pre-writing Activities for Preschoolers

Before children start to write letters and numbers, they need to do tracing activities and learn to draw straight lines, curves, slanting lines, etc. This will help them in writing the alphabets and numbers as both alphabets and numbers can be broken down into straight lines, slanting lines and curves. 

I hope the following worksheets will help your children in mastering the tracing of lines and curves so that it will be easier for them to transition to proper writing. I believe that children shouldn't be forced to do these tracing activities until their hand muscles are fully developed and strong. Ideally, children shouldn't be asked to write with pencils until they are at least 3 yrs old. My recommendation: give them crayons 🖍️ for the following worksheets in the beginning and later, give a pencil  ✏️ for the same worksheets 😊.

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If your children are not yet 3 yrs old and you want to facilitate their hand muscle development, then do the following activities with them:

1. Playdough Play-Doh - Home | Facebook

Playing with playdough is a marvelous way of strengthening the hands of the little ones. There are many other benefits of playing with playdough. Children can learn colors and shapes while their little hands are becoming stronger. Also, playdough is a superb way of sparking the inner creativity of a little mind. The children can make monsters, animals, houses, trees, fruits and vegetables and whatever they imagine!

2. Opening and closing bottle capsPlastic Pet Bottle Cap 30-25 mm-Aker Plastics

This is a fantastic way of developing the finger muscles of children. Don't close the bottle cap too tight. Lightly close it and give them to the children for opening. Once they have opened it, ask them to close it again. Children are fascinated by adult tasks and bottles fall into that area so they will do this task happily and your mission of strengthening their hand muscles will be accomplished 😊.

3.  Clothespin :

Include clothespin in your activities with your toddlers. Give them some pairs of socks and ask them to pick them up using a clothespin and put them in a box while counting. This will accomplish two tasks: counting and muscle strengthening. 

3.  Easier Writing Utensils 🖍️:

Pencils, pens, markers, dry-erase markers and crayons are all types of writing utensils as we use them to write. Another way of strengthening the hand muscles of children is that you give them easier writing utensils such as thicker crayons, markers, dry erase markers and ask them to just scribble as much as they want. This scribbling will not only strengthen their hand muscles but also develop their grip for the future holding of pencil 😊

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