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I am an Independent App Developer and a Mom in Tech. My main objective is to develop user-friendly and innovative apps for children, especially for the education sector. I call myself a creative problem solver and my goal is to not only bring unique solutions to everyday problems but to optimize already present solutions using state-of-the-art technological advancements such as voice recognition, mobile sensors, etc. 

Let me tell you more about my apps:

Phonics Fun! is an award-winning 100% FREE app available on Google Play Store and Amazon. It teaches children phonics sounds and helps them become fast readers. It follows the jolly phonics guidelines. Click here for more details. 

Countville is a 100% FREE farming game available on Android and Apple stores. It teaches young children counting and number recognition while keeping them involved doing their most favorite activity: farming in the imaginary village of Countville! Click here for more details. 

Multiplication Flash Cards is a 100% FREE app for learning multiplication facts where you can speak the answer! We are sure that this app is the epitome of creativity as it intelligently uses Google Speech Recognition to solve an everyday school problem of learning times tables. Click here for more details. 
The newest addition to the collection of our innovative apps, the Mental Maths app is a sure way of improving your mental arithmetic. It has 30+ tips and develops a personalized plan for each user depending on his/her strengths and weaknesses and is 100% FREE. Download today and improve your mental calculations in little time without spending a single penny. Click here for more details. 

nother very popular app by ObsidianSoft, Pass the Parcel: Party music app not only plays music for party games like Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, etc but also takes a picture when the music stops. All prospective arguments among children can be solved with this single, magical click 😉. This app is also 100% FREE. This app is not 100% educational but it does teach children about sportsman spirit 😊. 
Click here for more details. 

This is the android TV version of our award-winning app, Phonics Fun, that teaches children phonics sounds and helps them become fast readers. It follows the jolly phonics guidelines. The TV phonics fun app is especially ideal for classroom settings for teaching all phonics rules to preschool and kindergarten-aged children. Click here for more details. 


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The following steps are a sure way to make your children early readers of English: 1. If you want your children to start reading English quickly, then start teaching them phonics at a young age (3-4 yrs). Some parents start earlier than 3 years but this is most probably because the children have an early focus from the beginning and have an easier temperament for learning. So, don’t worry if your 2.5 yrs old is not grasping the phonics concept 😊; this just means that he/she is not ready yet. I recommend the Jolly Phonics order as this order has been scientifically proven to be easier for younger children. This is the order 👇 When my son was 3+ yrs and started doing phonics for the first time, I had difficulty in teaching him the different sounds. I made my first mobile app just to make the learning process easier for him and more colorful ☺️. So, you can use this 100% FREE app available on Google Play Store. You will need an android device to download it from Google Play Store a

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